Barbara Holm

Barbara Holm, stand up comedian

Addicted to Heroines

I have a podcast now!!!!! My podcast is called Addicted to Heroines and it’s like if I hosted a Late Night show! There’s a monologue and desk bits and interviews! Each episode so far is between 20-30 minutes so it’s quite easy to digest them all, like cherries! It’s my first podcast so I believe they get progressively better as they’re going along. Feel free to give me any feedback! MUSIC BY LUCIA FASANO.

To Download please right click and “save link as” for the mp3 file.

Episode Ten with Kristine Levine

Episode Nine with Rylee Newton

Episode Eight with Jen Tam

Episode Seven with Caitlin Weirehauser

Episode Six with Yogi Paliwal

Episode Five with Janine Brito

Episode Four with Angela Webber

Episode Three With Lucia Fasano

Episode Two with Katie Rose Leon

Episode One: Origin Story with Allie Goertz





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